Vacation notification.


The China new year will coming. Our company decide the vacation will from 15th -28th Jan 2012.The Spring Festival is most important festival in China.our employees and workers from different Province,.From some the hometown of our employees to Shenzhen,About 3000km,.They are working hard on last year.,And they are have not time for go to hometown,

Just this item.they will Celebrate Spring Festival with them home.Wish they will happy with them family in Spring Festival.

Inform to sales dept.,
Pls not receive new order from 10th Jan.Just finish the order already placed,.And delivery the goods to Cleint.Pls inform this news to our Cleint.Hope the Cleint will understanding our situation.

The sales dept can decide who will still working in Spring Festival.Your dept will meeting for make a decision.Sales manager Robert Lin will submit to Decision to Administration Dept.