U.S. Department of Energy saving report


U.S. Department of Energy report: LED energy efficient lighting is the minimum impact on the environment
A new report of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)  points out that LED lighting is significant in that compared to incandescent bulb , the lower impact on the environment and the slight super-fluorescent lamps (CFLs)."In this report  LED manufacturing and utility compare the life cycle of these three different bulbs, including production, operation and elimination. This report did a comprehensive study and analysis of three different bulb production, assembly, transportation and elimination on the energy and the environment. This is also the first open discussion of the report of the LED production process ,support the Department of Energy to protect the public's air and water, improve the competitiveness of U.S. clean energy, and to assist the family and line number to save the costs of energy bills.

This is the second report of the Department of Energy assessment compared with the traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs, the life cycle cost of environmental resources.

The conclusion of this report follows the previous report, which is published in February 2012 Review of the the Lifecycle Energy, Consumption of Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED Lamps continue to make a more detailed assessment and comparison of three different lightingbroad impact on the environment.

Report that the traditional fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED lights are very similar in terms of energy consumption, both energy consumption are less than incandescent bulbs, and consumed compared to manufacturing and transportation, running most of the life cycle energy.Because of the high efficiency of the running, consuming 12.5 watts of electricity and can be achieved and CFLs (15 watts) and incandescent bulbs (60 watts), the efficacy. 15 test report 14 shows the LED bulbs are three lighting among the most environmentally friendly lamps.

In addition to the dominant disposal, all aspects of testing are, compared to LED bulbs, CFLs larger impact on the environment. The landfill would be after the LED inside the aluminum alloy material precipitation will cause great harm. The DOE report noted that, based on short-term improvement in the next five years, the LED on the environment impact of today's small

When market-oriented in order to save money for the customers and the company, from the incandescent light bulb change to use to save energy in lighting, LED lights and CFLs impact on the environment, we expect to reduce today's 3-10 times.