Stable price and less amount make LED hard to transit


Recently, several large scale LED enterprises closed down in ShenZhen. and at present,The Chinese mainland have winter envelops the LED industry. is one disaster after another. According to the insiders, 2012 is a year of transition in the Chinese LED industry , at present, in the upstream manufacturers have conscious control capacity, product prices have stabilized, but the amount was not significant growth, the overall capacity of the upstream

Superfluous circumstance will continue.

In the recently held a LED lighting industry internal exchange, the industry pointed out, since this year, the local government to the upstream manufacturers purchase subsidies ended and the mainland 5 into table

Idle rate, mean before two years of LED industry upstream of the crazy expansion has come to an end.
 Experts said, China mainland LED industry downstream the biggest application market also began to shift from a backlight illumination. Statistical data shows, the last continent LED lamp production capacity of more than 7 export, but

Along with the international economy remains in the doldrums, many overseas companies have turned their focus back to the mainland of china. According to the insiders, with the national policy and local support for clear, today

In the second half of next year will enter a rapid growth period of public lighting, indoor lighting is expected at the end of 2014 civilian enter rapid development period.