Rapid growth of China's semiconductor LED lighting market


Semiconductor lighting with many advantages becomes the strongest competitor of the next generation of green lighting source ,  local and government from different countries increased the strength of research and development for the semiconductor lamp.  In 2003,China also  planned the semiconductor lighting as an important development projects, put forwards a number of measures to promote China's semiconductor lighting market. At present, many semiconductor lighting industrial bases have been set up in Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanchang, Dalian, Shenzhen and other regions.Local government also developed a semiconductor lighting development plan.

The awareness of saving energy for government and public has been improved gradually

Increasingly tense energy problems arouse the awareness of  government and the public to conserve energy.  LED used in semiconductor lighting  is a kind of semiconductor solid-state light emitting device. It  uses solid semiconductor chip as light emitting material. When the two ends are coupled with the forward voltage, semiconductor in the minority and majority closure occurred closure son composite, release excess energy caused by photon emission, emit red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white light.   light principle of LED makes it energy saving features. In the strong consciousness of energy saving,the advantages of LED will lead to the broader application of semiconductor lighting market, promote the development of semiconductor market.