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LED Flood Light

The LED Flood lights used for outdoor actaully,. So Our all the LED Flood lights passed IP65 waterproof, ALL the LED Flood lights just used high quality and nice aluminum material for the frames,,  In same price, Our LED Flood lights is heavier than others company.  The LED Flood lights products from Jimmy Industrial Limited.(Our most products supplier), ALL the LED FLood lights just used High quality and waterproof drivers. in the driver. the capacitor just used Rubycon,.  And the LEDs just used Epi-star broad LED chips. can be arrived 120Lm/W,. For production industrial,. Every products testing so  strict,. ALL that can be confirm our LED Flood lights have very high quality. And we are sales more these products, so the price is very good, Welcome to buy or inquiry for our LED flood light products,

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