• 500W LED Flood Light with PHILIPS LED and Mean-well driver1
  • 500W LED Flood Light with PHILIPS LED and Mean-well driver2

500W LED Flood Light with PHILIPS LED and Mean-well driver

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1,The Model FL-500W-H3,  With PHILIPS SMD3030 LED,Mean-Well driver.And Best heat-output solution, High quality for 3 years warranty.

Note: The FL-H3 LED Flood Light series have different lighting beam angle, 25, 45, 60, 90, 100, ,Actually, We send the order of 60degree to you. If you not special request, You can remark your request, when you buy, Also you can send the mail to us. sales@leds-mall.com

2, Specification of 500W LED Flood Light(FL-500W-H3).

1, Item NO: FL-500W-H3, ( 500W LED Flood light H3 version);
2, Input voltage: AC:100-250V; 50-60Hz
3, Power consumption : 500W;
4,LED quantity: 500pcs ;
5, LED sources:1W PHILIPS SMD3030 Led;
6, LED Lumens: 120-130lm / W
7, Color temperature: 2900-3200K,4000-4200K, 6000-6500K.
8, Color: Warm white, Nature White, Cool white .
9, Beam Angle: 25, 45, 60, 90, 100degree;
10, Material: Thick Aluminum.Toughened glass.With best heat-output solution.
11, Surface color: Black,.
12, Ambient humidity: 85%
13, Rendering Index: Ra=80.0
14, Environment temperature -25C - 45C.
15, Operation temperature: Less - 60C .
16, Light failure:<3% within 3000Hrs.
17, Lifespan: 50000hours.
18, Waterproof : IP65 waterproof..
20, Size of flood light: 390*410*320mm.
21, Total weight: 18.5kg/unit.
22, Packing box size: 45*44*51.5cm.
23, 10pcs/ctn, total weight: 18.5kg/ctn.
24, CE and RoHS certificated.
25, Warranty: 3years.

Details of FL-500W-H3.

Item No. Input Voltage LED Brand Color Temperature Lumens Ra Lifespan Beam Angle COLOR
FL-500W-H3-CW AC:100-250V


6000-6500K 50000Lm 80 50,000h





FL-500W-H3-NW 4000-4500K 50000Lm 80
FL-500W-H3-WW 3000-3500K 50000Lm 80

3, Demension of FL-500W-H3.


4, Details picture showing for FL-500W-H3.





These Jimmy LED Flood light for replacement for conventional LED Flood light,
widely use in shopping mall,hotels,westen-restaurant,cafes,office,museums,home indoor lighting,speciality stores,jewelry store,etc......

6, The Solution of heat-output.:


 7,Product Characteristics:

1.Adopt Super Brightness Multi-Chip LED Lighting Source, encapsulation by ourselves, Long lifespan, Energy saving, Environment friendly, High efficiency, No strobe, No ghosting, No UV, IR.
2. Jimmy FL series LED Flood Light integrate LED lighting source and the cover of the light, the advantages are no needing extra cover, the volume is small and the weight of the body is light. Which make the led light perfect.
3.Use high heat conduction aluminum alloy as material of lamp body, High heat conducting efficiency;
4.Using high efficiency thermal conductivity silicon, it’s assured the heat sink of the light, the temperature of the junction is not pass 65 ℃, which is effective controlled the light degradation, the lifespan for the led light is over 50000 hours.
5.The range for the input voltage is wide. Which make the led high bay are available for the global. Unique protection circuit and exact constant current system assure the abilities such as anti-interference and stability of the light.
6.Our LED Driver are approved CE CB EMC GS TUV UL ,can be available for every where.


● In order to make sure the Flood light can work safety and stability, the ground line should be connected the earth.
● When connecting the wires please turn off the power, and check whether the wires are connected correctly. Never connect the wires in opposite way, or the power should not be turned on.
● Please keeping the trip wires, please use the insulation gummed tape to convolve the wires, confirm the insulation and sol bolt being fastening and reliable, in case of the light fall down of looseness.
● When finishing connect the ve the waterproof problem.

10,JIMMY FL series Guarantee for the quality and sales service :

1, JIMMY FL-I series LED Street Light is a new style green energy saving led lighting, we offer 3 years warranties.
2, Any question happens when opening the package, please feel free to contact with our sales service department, we will ask our professional engineer to help you solve your question asap.

11,JIMMY FL series will not offer any guarantee in the following situation:

1,The damage due to incorrect installation and operation or using the light not in the regulated working ambient.
2,The damage due to abusing or misusing, without well protection or happens in transition.
3,The damage due to customers open the lamp without authored or replacement the Supernova confirmed accessories by themselves.
4,The Damage due to personal or nature disaster and other things can’t be predicted.


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