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80W Bridge-Lux 45mil integrated COB LED

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80W Integrated COB LED with Bridge-Lux 45mil LED,Power: 80W, color temperature: 2700-6500K, Input Voltage: DC 30-34V, Input current: 2400-2800mA,Very high quality, Warranty: 3years!


Note: 1,. With Bridge-Lux 45mil LED Chips.

          2,. Can be White, Warm white, Nature white,.

The specification of the J-80W-B.

1,Model No: 80W Bridge-Lux 45mil integraged COB LED (J-80W-B);
2,Input voltage: DC: 30---34V;
3,Input Current: 2400-2800mA
4,LED chip: Bridge-Lux 45mil LED chip.
5,Power: 80W
6,Lumin: 9600-10200lm
7,Color temperature:White, Warm White. Nature white.
8,Beam Angle: 140;
9,LED bracket material: cooper
10, LED chip connection wire: gold wire.
11,Operating temperature -25C - 45C
12, Stock temperature: -35---60C.
13,Lamp Size: 52mm*46mm*5mm(L*W*H)

14,Lighting face size: 26.6mm*26.6mm(L*W)

15,Lamp weight :0.2g
16,Lifespam: 50,000hours
17,CE ROHS certificated.
18,3 years warranty.

The size demension:

The details picture of the J-80W-B

Electrical/Optical Characteristics (At TA=25°C):

Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Avg Max Units
Luminous Intensity Φ IF=2400mA 8400 8650 8900 Lm
Color Temperature CCT IF=2400mA 2700 2750 2800 K
Forward Voltage VF IF=2400mA 30 32 34 V
Color Rendering index Ra IF=2400mA 75 ...... 80  
Thermal Resistance Junction
To Board
RΘJ-B IF=2400mA ...... 10 ...... °C/W
50% Power Angle   IF=2400mA ...... 140 ...... degree
Reverse Current IR VR=5V ...... ...... 45 μA

4-2:Absolute Maximum Rating(At TA=25°C)

Parameter Symbol Ratings Units
Power Dissipation PD 20 W
Continuous Forward Current IF 2400 mA
Peak Forward Curren IF(Peak) 3000 mA
LED Junction Temperature TJ 125 °C
Reverse Voltage VR 45 V
Operating Temperature Range TOPR (-)30°C To +60°C  
Storage Temperature Range TSTG (-)30°C To +60°C  
Manual Soldering Temperature TSOL 350°C± 20°C For 3 Seconds  
Soldering on a heat plate TSOL 180°C± 10°C For 20Seconds  
ESD Sensitivity ESD 4000V HBM  

5,Important Notes:

1) Tolerance of measurement of luminous flux is ±10%..
2) Tolerance of measurement of Vf is ±0.1 V.
3) The product will be packaged in Anti-Static vacuum.
4) Please refer to High Power LED RELIABILITY TEST STANDARD for reliability test conditions.
5) Use alcohl-based cleaning solvents such as isopropyl alcohol to clean the LED if necessary.

6, Warning

 The LEDs are devices which are materialized by combining Blue LEDs and special phosphors. Consequently the color of the LEDs is changed a little by an operating current. Care should be taken after due consideration when using LED’s.

6--1,.Moisture Proof Package:

When moisture is absorbed into the SMT package it may vaporize and expand during soldering .There is a possibility that this can cause exfoliation of the contacts and damage to the optical characteristics of the LEDs. For this reason, the moisture proof package is used to keep Moisture to a minimum in the package.

6--2,.Storage Conditions:

Before opening the package:
The LEDs should be kept at 30℃ or less and 60%RH or less. The LEDs should be used with in a year. When storing the LEDs, moisture proof packaging with absorbent material (silica gel) is recommended.
After opening the package:
The LEDs should be kept at 30℃ or less and 50%RH or less. The LEDs should be soldered within 168 hours (7days) after opening the package. If unused LEDs remain, they should be stored in moisture proof packages, such as sealed containers with packages of moisture absorbent material (silica gel).It is also recommended to return the LEDs to the original moisture proof bag and to reseal the moisture proof bag again.
If the moisture absorbent material (silica gel) has faded away or the LEDs have exceeded the storage time. Baking treatment should be performed using the following conditions.
Baking treatment : more than 48 hours at 80±5℃/ 4h~12h  (Humidity in accordance with the different environments)

6--3,.Heat Generation

Thermal design of the end product is of paramount importance. Please consider the heat generation of the LED when making the system design. The coefficient of temperature increase per input electric power is affected by the thermal resistance of the circuit board and density of LED placement on the board as well as other components.
The operating current should be decided after considering the ambient maximum temperature of LEDs.


It is recommended that ethanol alcohol be used as a solvent for cleaning the LED ’s. when using other solvents, it should be confirmed beforehand whether the solvents will dissolve the package and the resin or not. Freon solvents should not be used to clean the LEDs because of worldwide regulations.

6--5,.Static Electricity:

Static electricity or surge voltage damages the LEDs. .
It is recommended that a wrist band or an anti-electrostatic glove be used when handling the LEDs. All devices, equipments and machineries must be properly grounded. It is recommended that measures be taken against surge voltage to the equipment that mounts the LED’s .When inspecting the final products in which LEDs were assembled. It is recommended to check. Whether the assembled LEDs are damaged by static electricity or not. It is easy to find Static-damaged LED’s by a light –on test or a VF test at a lower current (below 20 mA is recommended). Damaged LEDs will show some unusual characteristics such as the leak current. Remarkably increases, the forward voltage becomes lower , or the LEDs do not light at the low Current.



Application: The COB 80W LED widely used the: LED Floodlight, LED Downlight, LED Tracking light, LED outdoor light, LED street light... etc... ...


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