G24 LED PL Lamp

The G24 LED PL Lamp series,. Its a big team, Include G24 LED PL lamp, G23 LED PL Lamp,GX53 LED Lamp, G12 LED Lamp,  The G24 LED Lamps series, From power. the series have 6W, 8W, 10W, 110W, 12W,13W, From LED, we used SMD3014, SMD5730, SMD2835, SMD5050, COB LEDs,. From beam angle. its have 120degree, 360degrees.  ALL thes G24 PL lamps can be replacement before CFL PL bulb. ALL G24 base ,, can be replacement our G24 LED PL Lamps.  Because the others lamps not so more type, So we put the G12, GX53, G23 LED lamps in this series.

ALL the G24 LED PL lamps is good quality. welcome to buy!!!

G24 LED PL Lamp Products list