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GL-9W-COB---LED Grid Light

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1, Model No: GL-9W-COB;
2, Input voltage: AC 85-265V,50-60Hz;
3, Power consumption : 9W;
4,LED quantity: 1pcs;
5, LED sources: CITIZEN 9W COB LEDs
6, Material: Aluminium extruded sections.
7, Beam Angle: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60;
8, Ambient humidity: 85%
9, Rendering Index: Ra=80.0
10, Operating temperature -25C - 45C
11, housing temperature: Less 55C
12, Lights Size: ǿ140mm * 140mm * 143.5mm
13, N.W : 800g.
14, Packing demension:150*150*150mm
15, Certificated: CE and ROHS.
16, Warranty: 3 years


Item No. Input Voltage LED Brand Color Temperature Lumens Ra Lifespan Beam Angle Cut out
6000-6500K 760Lm 80 30,000h 60 125mm
GL-9W-COB-NW 4000-4500K 720Lm 80
GL-9W-COB-WW 3000-3500K 675Lm 70



Packing Details:

Weight: 800g
Box size: 150mm*150mm*150mm
Units/carton: 30units/ctn
Carton weight: 24kg
CMB weight: 25kg

Term & Shipping item

Payment item: Paypal, Western Union,T/T
Shipping item: DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT
Delivery time: 3-7days
Delivery term: FOB Shenzhen
Warranty: 3 years
Certification: CE , RoHS

The GL-9W-COB for replacement for conventional Flood Lights
widely using in stage, shopping mall, Buidling, hotel, museums, Road, Graden, PARK, etc.....

Our GL-9W-COB model characteristics:
1, We just use high quality drivers.The driver lifespan more than 3years.
2, We Just use CITIZEN LED chips. The Lumens is 110-120lm/W.
3, The LED have nice Rendering Index,.
4, We just use good quality aluminum material For GL-9W-COB.
5, The aluminum weight is more then others same products.
6, All above that,.This is why we can offer 3 years warranty.

How to Warranty?
1, When the products have deficient, Or broken when you using it.
2, Take a photo for sent to us,In the case for confirm the products really problem.
3, After we confirm the problem.We will apply production the new products.And we will send the new products to you as soon.
4, And we pay the shipping cost for replacement products.
5, Don't need sendback the deficient or broken products to us.. Maybe the shipping cost is higher than the products cost.
6, The products warranty is 3 years.
7, Any question, or Complaints, Send the mail to INFO@leds-mall.com

Safety Notes
1, the input voltage is 85-265V ,50-60Hz, please make sure that the input voltage is correct before installation.
2, the product must be connect with grounded(GND).
3, A professional electrician and maintenance are essential.
4, The hole must be appropriate before installation.Not too big or too small.
5, Since the light is a little heavy, please insure screws fixed well before installing.
6, Please avoid the heat or hot steam environment or corrosive gas, so as not to affect the lifespan of the product.
7 Don't look at the light directly.

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