10-15W LED bulbs series

The 10-15W LED bulbs series include: 10W LED bulbs. 12W LED bulbs, 15W LED bulbs, The models power is bigger, And size is bigger than 3W-9W LED bulbs, But the 10-15W bulbs can be use different place, The power is bigger,.. and you can got more lumens and brightness. You can choose Warm white(3000-3500K), And nature white(4000-4500K), And Cool white(6000-6500K),. If you from USA, CANADA, and some place use 110V voltage,.And others place used AC 220V voltage,.Don't warranty for use our LED bulbs, Becuase Our LED bulbs input voltage is 100-250V, So our LED bulbs can supply to all over the world, 3years warranty,Welcome to inquiry or buy the LED bulbs.!!!

10-15W LED bulbs series Products list